Will Blakey survive ???

NAHBS 2011 pics are rolling in :wink:

NAHBS Austin 2011 - a set on Flickr

His head/balls have probably exploded by now.

I have a mental picture of him wrapped around Richard Sachs lower leg, wailing like a 2 year old so he can bring one of his CX bikes back to Melbz.

Fair call though … I’d prolly do the same with happy ending if that’s what it took :slight_smile:

I’m really loving Chris Bishop’s very understated lug work, the paint on the Vanilla specials is something else and all the party pics look like fun.

Blakey should do a slide night when he gets back…

I’m hoping he’ll be living on the street, homeless, broke and with an arsenal of the world’s finest bikes. <grin>

>> Yo Blakey: I gotz a great couch if you wanna place to crash, come and go as you like … there’s room in the shed if you wanna store a few things :wink:

Dunno about Richard Sachs…he didnt even clean his bikes for the show:

I survived, I met amazing people (Sachs, Padraig, Hampsten, Ritchey…), I hung out with awesome folk from NY, LA, ATX, PDX, Boston and other places, I was used as a “model” for a Bicycling magazine shoot, I’m riding my new black CX comotion around and eating delicious food, life is pretty awesome right now.

Stay tuned for possible updates from NY & LA.

I <3 blakey t-shirts. Only $5!

I’d pay a lot more for an I <3 Blakey t-shirt. Gotta be nice cotton and well designed :wink:

And Chris Bishop is such a genuinely nice guy, and a very skilled constructeur, he is one to watch.

Littlefoot in PDX are doing rad tourer/rando stuff too, keep an eye out at the Oregon manifest, it’ll be sweet.

I’m putting this out there: S&S coupled tourers. Next big thing.

Who is Blakey? :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a friend called that but he is dead to me (for another few weeks)

with 650bs no doubt!

What’s that Nik? I can’t hear you through my atmo beanie-cap.

(700c, 650b, 26")

That’d be really cool on the back of the I <3 Blakey t-shirt.

Austin 2011 - a set on Flickr


Awesome pics, thanks for posting so many great shots.

One of my favourites:

Austin album updated, plus a NYC album added. LA album to follow in a couple of weeks.

Austin 2011 - a set on Flickr
New York 2011 - a set on Flickr

Got a taste of Austin’s freak bike scene tonight:

Bike Deth ATX by ah_blake, on Flickr

More: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ah_blake/sets/72157626144680785/

So … did you get some cowboy boots?