Williams Wheels

Anyone got any experience with these?

yes, you are better off getting them for 40% less straight from china with no decals

So I guess Alex is saying that they’re no name Chinese rims with stickers on 'em.

Looks that way. 40% off? Show me how.

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Find a set you like, do a google search on the supplier, see what sort of reputation they have regarding supply/quality issue, buy wheels. Bob’s your aunty’s live in lover.

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and a few reviews here of chinese carbon

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Reynolds Attacks are in same the range as per the wheel you’re talking about. I’d go with Reynolds if I were you.

Also, like alex said, you can get it off china for a lot less than that.

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Rocking. Ta.

I now feel ridiculously lazy. Probably should’ve searched myself. Especially cos I reckon this Google thing’s gonna be pretty big.

the attacks are great and as stated can be had cheap… you don’t get a t-shirt and water bottles though and i know thats the deal closer here for you!!!

also you do realise these are tubular, while lighter than clinchers it requires a new skill set to maintain and deal with

check out the attacks and you can get carbon clinchers too which with my braking habits are a no go i think you’d be just fine with

Yep, aware they’re tubs. I was keen to try them, but maybe too much trouble. Might have these as a special Xmas, birthdays and Jewish holidays type-wheelset (given I can’t really justify a racing wheelset).

Given the choice, on my steel frame, I’d rather have handmade wheels with silver classic King hubs, box profile rims and bladed spokes. Parts will cost about $900, I think.

Reynolds Attack rims can be had from wheelbuilder.com in a variety of hole counts. Tubs for $600, clinchers $640.

Has anyone had any experience with chinese ebay crabon, any serious concerns with stuff like this? eg. carbonspeedcycle | eBay

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