Wilson HTM B2GC

Wilson HTM Brisbane to the Gold Coast Cycle Challenge

anyone else keen to roll some high gearing and fly down in a tight high pace group?

I want to be destroyed by the time I get to Southport

i’ve registered, and already planning on going up to 77inches.
i don’t know how strong my legs will be after all that riding the week before but.

This years route:
Wilson HTM Brisbane to Gold Coast 2010 – A bike ride in South Brisbane, QLD 4101, AU

Not stopping at that school this year for the first rest stop

Who else is riding fixed? I think I’ll be in a slower group

Thinking about pushing up near 80"ish. Could be a little risky.

I’ll be going down on my SS pushing 69 inches with my missus, she’s on her hardtail MTB

I’m new here but been riding fixed on&off for 30 years. Will be riding 48-17 - as will my brother. Black Soma for me - replacement for 35yo red Hoffy track. White Soma for him - replaced his old blue Cecil Walker track. Looking to cruise at 32-35 - hopefully will resist too much over 40km /h stuff and get to Southport comfortable. (Probably riding with “Graceville Bike Hub” road group)

Registered with Angus (Big man) Burton. He’s rockin’ 48-16 I’m going take pursuit-frame Polly and roll down with 51-17.

We’re in the “red zone” whatever that means

anyone keen to ride back too?

You know it.

hehe knew you would be

so in the end has anyone decided to punch up over 80gi? Lead pack rolls out at 50ks an hour down down the busway and I don’t know if that can be sustained on anything lower

I think I speak for most of us when I say gear inches won’t be the limiting factor trying to sustain 50km/h…

sweet jesus! ill be pushing 71inchs and i think that will do me? Anyone in a slower group keen to meet up before the ride? Same as last year? Meet up at GEAR?

you mean no one else is into motorised doping?

that wouldn’t be noticeable riding fixed up hills at all :wink:

Not sure what bike to ride yet but will be running at least 81".

haha - should have known you’d be keen

any of those up for a leisurely cruise, maybe think about this option:
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for those not on RG - the dude wants to ride one of the new city cycle rigs for the 100k trip