Win a 14 Bike Co ESB!

First off, thanks to everyone who made the Syndey Bench Minor so much fun, it was an awesome weekend!

In the excitement I forgot to mention to loads of folks that London are currently holding a raffle to raise funds for this year’s London Open tournament (I hope to see all of you there)! It costs five pounds to enter (which I’m pretty sure works out at less than a Carlton Draught for you lucky Australians) and free worldwide shipping is inlcuded in the prize.

If you’re interested in entering head on over to for the details and thanks for supporting London bike polo!

See you all on court soon, Australian bike polo rocks.


Just entered - works out at $8.12. If anyone is paying more than that for a Carlton Draught they need to find a new pub!

if im $8.12 short for a fare to london i know who to ask.

and cheers jono for being such a supportive team mate!

just paid $9 for a pint at the northcote social club… Waht… Ripped off!

hahahahaha jono i want it, i ll pay you a carlton tonight to enter, and in a way i already made a funraising yesterday with dices