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I thought someone might want to win this, either to sell, fang around on or give it to your brother for christmas.

Taken straight from here:

[i]As you already no doubt know, DC’s awesome collabo with PK Ripper and SE Bikes is finally out. The bike fuses everything fresh about BMX and fixies, throwing it all together to create a super-cool lightweight roadster. Only 2500 of them will be sold!

Make that 2499.

Somehow we’ve actually managed to score a bike from DC and we’re gonna give it away to one of our readers. Yep, that’s right… a member of Sneaker Freaker will win this ripper bike and ride off into the sunset.

To win, all you have to do is send us a pic of your bike. It can be a clapped out BMX, a hot-rodded Fixie, a mingin’ old 10 speed or the tricycle you rode as a toddler – whatever you ride we wanna see your photo!

You can also send us a story about your bike as well - it can’t hurt your chances of winning.


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