Windy last night?

A little chainsaw work in store for the captain this arvo:

Won’t need to buy firewood for a while.

was pretty crazy last night

i was kind of tempted to go riding in it

but alas i was too baked

Never seen wind down here like it. Went over to Black Rock about 7:30 to return a couple of DVDs…heavy sea spray was blowing up over the road where it’s about 40 feet above the beach. Watched this poor dude come out of the pizza shop only to have his two large pizzas and garlic bread lift up out of his hands and go skipping down the street :cry:

you can see why gum trees (specifically white gums) are called widowmakers in the US when you see pictures like this

do you ride down StKilda road in the afternoon?

A mate of mine was cruizing down Bridge Rd when the storm was coming over the city. From the dodgy iphone camera it looked like some giant wave was going to swamp the whole of Melbourne. Crazy days!

Most days, some time between about 4:30 and 6 (depending on who’s picking up the squids). Wednesdays not until about 9ish. I cut down albert/kerferd to get to the beach.

ahhh thats why i dont see you.

unlikely to caused by blinding speed :smiley:

Forget Chicago, Melbourne is the new windy city, The last 12 months have been crazy.


perf is pretty damn windy

Sorry prawza,
I was just pointing out that it has been unusually windy here lately, perth is windy, I like the city but the plane trip gives me the shits,

They have white gums in the US :?