Windy Sunday

I was out riding yesterday- at the intersection of Franklin and Swanston St’s it was absolutely ridiculous! I tried riding across Swanston St except that the wind carried me from the left lane to the oncoming traffic! I had to clamber off the bike and walk.
Wind 1
Me 0

My ramblings over thanks for listening.

Eat more pies son. And donuts. Lots of donuts.

Bad idea. That will increase the surface area for the wind to push you about :wink:

actually, not by much compared to the increase in mass. which is what makes it harder for the wind to push you about). I think some university types have even proven it. It’s only a bad idea if you want to go up hills as well (trust me on that point :-D)

Yeah as said by me on Sunday morning:

“On days like these there is only one direction to ride and one direction only”

“… yeah into the wind”

as replied by Turbo


Yeah I’d have to side with chromeo on that one! I’d rather tuck into a nice fat roo steak: less fat, much more protein. Protein being one of the main nutrients for muscle (along with sugar but your pancreas and teeth will thank you for less of that). Muscle weighs more than fat with a reduced surface area. You get the benefits of both elements: greater mass, less surface area.

End transmission.

I rode from Brunswick down to Southbank then to Port Melbourne then though St Kilda to Balaclava where I piked and got on the train back to the city. The wind almost pushed me into traffic a few times. The worst thing though was when I got a tail wind and had to use resistance pedling to slow down whilst going up hill.

I saw some snaps in the newspaper, looked like fun.

I already weigh as much as I want to :evil:
I’m not that light.

I hate donuts anyway

When you’re chewin on life’s <a href=“”>gwistle</a>.

What Nexus meant to say:

Evil Craig, evil :evil:

So whose riding home tonight in this weather?
I’m getting scared.

Just got home, rode down St Kilda Rd and through the city…

Prob sat on 10kms the whole way, massive headwind!

good luck out there…

I’m leaving shortly from Richmond to Port Melbourne, should be a breeze :smiley:

I just got home. You should be scared. It’s very gusty and the wind seems to be coming from whichever direction you least expect at the time.

i just rode down chapel st, with the best tail wind ever :smiley:

That certainly was a fun ride home/back in. Got blown side to side a lot, glad I’m not a donut eating windbreak.

I was offshore on Monday and it was a constant 40kts, gusting to 45-50kts with a 3-4m swell, walking in a straight line was a challenge. At one point a yacht went past with the tiniest bit of sail out, doing it tough!