Winter / rain bikes, fenders, tyres, lights and all that jazz.


Do this Jln. It’s embracing the #supplelyf at a fraction of the cost. I had a set on the x-check and loved em.


Anybody want to do a PlanetX order in Melbourne? Do they do good postage?


its about $25AU postage to AU for a pair of tyres from planetx, worth stocking up when they do their ridic sales. I think i paid like $14AU ea for my hypers in a sale


Just to throw in my preferred option; the venerable Panaracer Pasela PT in 700x38. They look nice, they’re supple and handle great, they have good puncture protection. They’re nowhere near as cheap as those Voyagers though. I don’t know anything about them. Marathon Supremes are great too though, although I find them a touch more slippery than Paselas.


Don’t be fooled by the bargain price of the voyagers. Normal cheap price is over A$50 each, for some reason that UK site has a glut of them from time to time. They’re a great tyre.

If anyone wants 35mm ones, these are a decent price too:


Reckon I might try the Voyagers, especially when the 38’s would be close to the tyre size I’m running.

What pressures are people running the Voyagers? I’m running the Clements at ~45psi front and rear at the moment.


I’ve used voyagers/hypers and Marathon Supremes both excellent ‘light’ touring tyres and good for commuting


+1 for 38mm Paselas. Can be had cheaply if you use a Japanese forwarding service and order from


I was running ~35psi in my 38 voyagers but i tend to like running on the low side compared to most ppl

Worth noting they are marked as a 700x38c 622x40 tyre. No idea how that works, but whatever!


Have used a bunch of paselas, i would steer away from the gumwalls if its for a commuter though as they’ll be black in no time (esp. with rim brakes). Looks a bit tatty after some rainy rides.


Where are we at with a dealer for Exposure lights?

My Gloworm X2v2 has finally died (head unit went fzzzz, battery is fine) after all these years, they don’t offer replacement globes, so looking at getting an Exposure unit locally to sit on the handlebars of the Pivot.


99bikes stocks some, these guys are wholesaler
Bike Box
Factory 11
3189 Moorabbin, VIC

0061 39 555 5800


I was looking at SKS secu clips for fender safety/emergency release but then realised my VO fenders won’t work with em. Instead I did some deep beardo research and the Germans also sell “SKS ESC Vario Stecker”:

Can’t see 100% how it’s supposed to work but looks like it’ll break apart under stress. Anyone used one?


Older version is a friction fit:

newer one looks to be similar

Be a guinea pig!


Well it’s that time of year again! I have just fitted a set of SKS Longboards to my friend’s bike, but I have two issues:

  • The bracket to fix the rear fender to the seatstay bridge is too short, giving crappy fender line
  • The bracket to fix the front fender to the fork crown is also too short, same deal

What solutions have people come up with to resolve this on their bikes. When I had this problem with my bike my dad (former fitter and turner) fashioned an entirely new bracket for the front fender, but this is no longer a viable option. I haven’t been able to find a suitable L shaped bracket at Bunnings either.

I am open to suggestions, and can send photos if needed :slight_smile:


Problem solvers Fender flute for the front?

Pompino with the mount pointing at the axle? Cut a piece of tubing and use as a long spacer.


Hi Blakey,

This is for my friend’s Giant Cross City Disc, which has a composite fork.

  • Not possible to use a fender flute, as there’s no hole in the underside of the fork.
  • The seat stay bridge has a hole pointing perpendicular to the axle, so I can use the regular mounting bracket. The only thing I can do there is perhaps file the hole in the bracket to be a bit longer (in both instances)

FWIW my pompino uses a couple of spacers to get the fender line right at the rear.


A fender flute sort of extender doesn’t need to be mounted internally. You can mount it to the front or rear hole in the fork crown. They’re a bit more mobile that way, and it’s worth using something with a bit of shape and/or bulk to minimise flex, but a bit of aluminium will do. You can use a similar extension on the rear through the seat stay bridge hole, extending down to the fender bracket


Thanks Pete, I’ll see if I can find/fashion a suitable piece of slotted aluminium strap.


I wouldn’t slot it. Just a nice rigid bit of whatever roughly the right length, drill a hole in each end and use it to extend the bracket. The brackets have a slot to fine tune the fenderline