Winter Whack II - Christchurch NZ

Thought I’d chuck this up on here incase you don’t see it elsewhere.

Australasias’ coldest Bike Polo Tournament is back! - the Winter Whack II, Saturday 6th August. For 2011 we’re adding a Knife Fights session (1vs1 polo) on the Friday evening – 5th August, 8pm at the courts as a warm up (literally).

Bring ya beanies, it’s gonna be awesome!

More info here

Don’t comment here I’m not a regular on fixed - use LOBP instead - thanks

Holy Fucking Shit.

Jetstar are having a sale atm.

Is this a sign?

The polo gods have spoken…


(and I dont even have a team)

Tom was considering too! I’m also checking prices… perhaps…?

Perhaps? There ain’t no fucking perhaps! Prices is good to go.

Go go GO!

Tom, Brook, Ranga. That there is a team my friend!!

Can anyone tell I am keen to get an AUSSIE team over there?

fark. i wonder if i can manage this. probs not unfortunately :frowning:

give em hell dave

Was quoted 260 return on jetstar. went to confirm order, not realising it was midday, the price went up to 450. will have to wait a week or two to get the cash

That’s still a hell of a lot cheaper than it’s looking from Adelaide :frowning:

Leave is booked though, so just need to sort out the flights and I’m there!

ouch! i think i might join up on the jetstar mailing list to avoid this next time…

Damn, can’t take the time to travel… Would have been awesome to go skiing too. Next time

flights with Air New Zealand are $150 off. Return with baggage $100 less than Jetstar at 270

guys that is so cheap. its cheaper for you to fly to NZ than it is for me to fly to any eastern state.

Jetstar is having a sale again. Get on it if you are keen…

MELB & SYD -> CHC = $97 each way
BNE -> CHC = $107 each way

GO GO GO! :wink:

so cheap!