Wish my racks were like this

Not sure if this will point at the right image, but the custom Sky frame clamps on their rooks racks… NICE.
I sort of think that the worst thing I ever do to my bike is put it in my roof racks… the clamp (thule 591 i think) at downtube seems like it could be way nicer if they tried. Like Sky/Jag did here

Customised Team Sky frame clamps have a rubber cradle that tightens around the tube when clamped, and are released with a simple flick of the outer lever. Photos | Cyclingnews.com

even the clamp is engraved TEAM sky.

this car?

yeah, i guess thats the car theyre mounted on… the cyclingnews pic says Jag will offer that config to customers too… far out!
Clamp reminds me of a roller cam brake… I’d like to see a little texture on the lever so in the heat of the moment there is no chance of slippage by a sweaty palmed team mechanic… maybe just some grip tape in sky blue.