without one workable brake...

mate of mine copped a $55 fine yesterday for operating a bicycle ‘without one workable brake’. apparently the officer was a former trackie who could not be convinced that a lower gear ratio would do the trick when it comes to stopping. bummer.

which city?
whyd they stop him in the first place?

And he’d be right.

This worries me.

this is a continuing argument that will always polarize fixie riders.
can you stop properly riding brakeless?
you can, but i can promise you you won’t do it anywhere near as quickly or safely as i can with a front brake. and neither of us will stop as quickly as someone running front and rear brakes.

the most common reply from brakeless riders is that portland video of the girl skidding to a stop in just a little more distance than a coaster braked bike. problem with that is that the video was specifically set up to pit a rear brake only coaster bike against the fixie. and the rider wasn’t over the back wheel. you can’t put enough weight over the wheel of a fixie to have full braking, especially at speed…
face it guys, it’s not as safe.

now i’ve ridden brakeless for years. lots of years. and i now use a front brake on all my fixies except for dedicated track bikes.
why? because i have too many close calls every day to be sure i’m safe.

other people will be happy to ride brakeless, and they’ll be fine for years. but sooner or later you do have a situation where a brake will stop you getting hurt, and brakeless will hurt you. ask any person who’s ridden for long enough and they’ll tell you about theirs.

so, like a helmet, you may not need it, but on the day you do, it’s lifesaver.

I ride a front brake. I just feel that bit safer, and I can’t skid “on command” yet. I had a quick spin on my singlespeed with a coaster brake and felt nowhere near as safe on that without the front brake.

in melbourne. and they stopped him because he didn’t have a brake.

didn’t really want to start the whole brakes / no brakes debate, just wanted to give folk the heads up.

The cops have been a bit gnarly on bikes since that jaywalker got hit.

Fuckin’ pedestrians. They should ban that shit.

i’m sure a brakeless fixie rider could outrun the cops, what with all those awesome urban riding skills they have developed.

now that’s a point. everyone knows the correct response when a cop says “pull over” is “as if!”

Not to mention the fact that coaster brakes are well know as the most inefficient (thats ‘shit’ for all of you with a small vocabulary) brakes that you can get
So all the video proved is that with out brakes she couldn’t stop in a shorter distance then a bike equipped with the worst brake you can get…
Gee! what a surprise. It looked like a video that proved the case for the prosecution not the defense.

I hate to break the bad news to everybody but if it takes you over a 1.5 meters to stop and you’re not driving a truck it doesn’t count as stopping. It only counts as ‘slowing down and coming to a halt’ which is next to fucking useless in an emergency.

you seriously think you can STOP your bike in 1.5metres whilst going regular city speeds?!?!?? HA!

and yes i know you could pull up a bike with a brake quicker than any of us without one could.

sigh a brakeless argument…

I may (or may not) have been reamed by the cops about riding brakeless (actually they pulled me over for something else, long story), I managed to convince the young lad (who hopped out proclaiming the bike was ``f_cking ridiculus") that I could stop easily by just pushing backwards on this pedals. After a quick demo which involved lifting the bike up, spinning the cranks, and pushing it down on the ground as I pushed backward on the pedal with my hand, viola! back brakes :slight_smile: They were my favorite police peoples eva :slight_smile:

For my 2c, it’s about whether or not your SAFE, rather than the details. I know I’ve had far fewer stacks, and far fewer close calls on my track bike than on a SS or MTB (which seems to actually NOT like me riding it!). I guess that means I’m actually safer on a brakeless track bike…

I’m pro choice :slight_smile:



Brakes or brakeless… doesn’t really matter if you don’t even see the car that hits you, as happened to me Wed morning. An oncoming driver decided to pull a high speed right hand turn taking me out in the process. I managed to swerve a fraction, but hit the back of the car, throwing me over the boot onto the road. A bruised shoulder, back and pelvis will heal, but sadly my beloved, italian framed velo is no more! :cry:

I ride 7 days a week, commute through traffic every day and continually scout for, and avoid, idiots as I ride. I run 2 brakes and didn’t even get close to touching them it happened that quickly.

Ride safe!!

sobs for the frame … (and your bruises!)

Can you get the driver to cough up for a nice new custom jobbie to replace it? :evil:

Ouch, nexus. Good to hear you’re relatively safe and sound, even if your steed isn’t.

Tim that sucks balls. If we can help let us know :slight_smile:

Thanks all, but gotta share this one…

I’ve put together a makeshift bike for the moment and back riding. So, down at Sth Melb market today, I pull out of the driveway and see this car double parked, illegally, outside the parking spaces. Now the ‘spidey senses’ are tingling since getting hit, so I give it a wide berth, but as I near the rear, the reverse lights go on and it starts backing out. So I peel around to the drivers side, the window’s open and I’m just about to let fly when I look up and it’s… a nun !

Would have gone straight to fixie hell for that one!! :evil: