wjwat1's Dubai thread

So as some of the people here in Melbourne know, I am moving to Dubai shortly to take up a new job.
My girlfriend and I will be heading over at the end of Jan, while my 2 dogs will be following us in March.

Given the broad group of people here, I thought it was worth a shot to start a thread to see if anyone has any tips, be it cycling related or general about the UAE.

I have found a cycling club called the Dubai roadstars. Seem like a nice bunch of people who get out once or twice a week.

It is a pretty massive move for us both, we are pretty excited but at the same time pretty nervous, so any tips would be greatly appreciated. Pls no negative comments about the area.

And for those who actually care, I will post into this thread when I am over there with updates and notes on what life is like.



I thought the minute you take an international flight you automatically end up in Japan?

What a move though! Please keep us updated, I would be fascinated to hear what it is like over there.

Pm me with your details when you get there. My sister lives there and she’s a good person to know.

It’s pretty exy and even though you’ll be earning good $'s it’s all too tempting to have a good time.

Wow! Massive move! Good luck!

Glad you’re able to talk about it now. Have a great time mate and enjoy every minute of it.

a mate of mine’s brother got locked up in dubai for about a year because he had poppy seeds off a bagel in the bottom of his backpack

My friends boyfriend lived in Dubai for ages, since he was born there and stuff. He says not to have sex in public.

Do a desert safari day trip.

It’s a bit cheesy and touristy but it’s fun bouncing over dunes in a Landcruiser, seeing camels and watching the sun set.

Yeah will definitely do this, and a few other cheesy local things.

Looking forward to meeting people I am working with, watching the Poms play Pakistan in the test series, going to Jordan, Iran and other nearby destinations I have always wanted to see, cheap petrol, getting fitter and eating at the best Indonesian restaurant I have ever been to.

Will PM you when I am there Spirito. Cheers all.

All this and so much more. I won’t tell you what to do, where to go and what to see (my sister will) but there is something grand and majestic in all those lands. You’ll have a great time and receive some truly touching hospitality. Of course, not everything is perfect but neither is it here. Have a great time & post lots of pics :wink:

Congratulations Will, haven’t really been around UAE much apart from the occasional transits in Abu Dhabi or Bahrain, though I do know expats who seemed to be enjoying their years living in Dubai.

As much as I do agree on mr spirito’s wisdom of not telling you what to do, I can’t but chip in my two cents into this.

FWIW, my wife and I backpacked Jeddah - Jordan - Syria in 2007, having to miss Palestine for custom/security issues (GWB Jr was visiting the region at the time).

Jordan and Syria we immensely loved. Amazing hospitality from the locals, cuisine (Hashem’s Falafel in old town Amman surpasses its own legend), and just that sense of us being part of an Ur-history, so to speak, as well as the usual tourist destinations.

At the time, Jordan did feel a lot ‘safer’ (perhaps considering their more US-oriented/allegiance nature) compared to Syria. That said, and despite that the two countries felt as if they were continents/cultures apart, we would rate Syria miles better than Jordan any day (please don’t take this as insensitivity considering Syria’s recent changes).

Might PM you if anything specific comes to mind, otherwise I could end up spamming this thread :slight_smile:


All the best Will, looking forward to hearing all about it. Buy an expensive car.

Just some food for thought, one out of every five Bugatti Veyrons are sold in Dubai

First update.

Have now finished up at work (which was surprisingly emotional); booked flights for Jan 21; got accommodation for the first month and organised for our things to be shipped. We have gotten the dogs vaccinated so that they can come over in March.

We now have 4 weeks to ride, catch up with friends and family, pack up our shit and sell the rest (including a 2010 Mazda Maxx Sport hatch for 22k if anyone needs wheels).

Britt and I have started a tumblr (I know I know) to keep people updated also (link below).

Oh and I got some great hookups with people at work, one of which was a guy who lived there who loves his riding. While racing is not allowed, apparently there are bunch rides (based on “ability”) around Dubai Autodrome where the first 4 people to “finish” get cash. Stoked.