Woman Cyclist Squished by FRIDGE

Driver apologises after fridge crushes cyclist - The West Australian

A truck driver has apologised to the family of a grandmother killed when a fridge fell from his truck and crushed the woman.

“Susan Russell, 54, was cycling to work when the nine-ton fridge slipped from the vehicle and fell on her, killing her instantly in Hull, East Yorkshire last year,” Britain’s The Daily Mail has reported.

"Mark Smith, 47, from Bradford, had only placed two safety belts around the industrial appliance that should have been held in place by dozens of straps.

“Hull Crown Court was told that several motorists had spotted the load hanging off one side of the lorry as it passed through the village of Melton, several miles before the fatal incident.”

Mr Smith, who has been charged with death by dangerous driving, was allegedly travelling at 32km/h over a roundabout at 7.30am when the fridge fell from his truck.

“Smith’s lawyer had tried to argue at yesterday’s hearing that he didn’t know the load was unsafe - but prosecutors refute this claim,” The Mail said.

After being granted bail, Mr Smith apologised to the victim’s family.

“I am sorry. I am heartbroken by what happened. Every day I think about what happened,” he said.

Mr Smith is due to reappear in court in November.

I was waiting to cross the road recently when I saw all 2 metres of a solid metal gate off the back of a trailer flapping about over the footpath I had just been walking down. The driver was completely unaware that the gate was open and kept driving, lucky for me there was a set of lights including a large metal light pole and I moved to put this pole between the incoming gate and me. The gate hit the pole with a massive thump which slammed it off its hinges. At that point the driver knew that there was something up and stopped to investigate. If there had been a cyclist in the left lane or a pedestrian on the footpath they would have been seriously fucked up.

have seen a largish LR crusing along KSD with both back doors flapping around, slamming forward at traffic lights, driver still oblivious untill i pulled up beside him and told him. lucky other motorists that could see what was going steered clear.

Took out the guard rails on both sides of a bridge back when I was doing earth moving - was way too fatigued at the time and it turned out the lazer bucket was a little wider than I thought. I severely fucked that bridge up - was undoubtedly too heavy for it too, but anyways

… would have been awesome too watch

On the topic of fucking bridges up… on another occassion I had to take a tractor with a huge wide cultivating implement on the back from one property to another one which was close to a hundred k’s worth of back roads away (for the unofficiated, a cultivating implement is wider than an entire road and therefore should be carted on the back of a semi). So, had a bridge to cross and I couldn’t lift it high enough to clear the guard rails, so I disconnected it, drove round and connected a chain to one end so that I could drag it across lengthways instead… Bridge surface wasn’t real good after getting ripped up by a couple of tonnes worth of steel

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