Wonky Cranks


I’ve got a pair of Suntour cranks and in recent days I’ve noticed that the left hand crank isn’t making straight revolutions. It seems to come in when my leg is raised and move out on the down stroke. Is there a remedy to this? And what was likely to cause the problem, is it the force I’m putting into the cranks or the bottom bracket?


A bent pedal spindle can cause this too, have you tried with a different pedal?

i’d check your bottom bracket first. well you can check it, i don’t think i know you.


Unlikely, unless you’re on the juice.

Check ALL of the following:

Bottom bracket cup - if one or the other of them has worked loose your cranks will feel wobbly

Bottom bracket spindle, check that it’s straight - you’d be pretty special to bend one but check it anyway

Crank bolt - if it’s loose your crank will work loose and you run the risk of ruining the taper in your crank

Pedals - spindle might be damaged (like he said), bearings might be stuffed or it might be loose in the crank.

Get onto all of these ASAP, especially the crank bolt & bb tightness - left untended you can wind up with ruined components (or worse)

i snapped one clean through. i have tree-trunk legs.

All of the above… or tighten the screws on your cleat.