Woo Fucken Hoo! I'm coming to Melburn!!

Incase you didn’t get it from the title,


(and I’m a little excited about it)

I get down there on the 10th at 7:30 and head home at midday on the Friday.

I’ve got a mate who’s going down for business who works for PBL who I’m staying with, so unfortunately I’ll have to slum it here

At this stage I no plans for the five days other than dinner with my mate (he’ll be at work everyday). I’m bringing down my roady and intend to spend pretty much the whole time riding, drinking coffee and checking out Melbourne.

So if anyone wants to come out for a roll let me know!
Also if there is anything people could suggest I check out while I’m down there, I’d be most appreciative!


I think we had better find you a track bike and you should come and have a race at DISC on Tuesday night.

What size do you ride?

Hell Yeah! I’m usually on a 56.

Is DISC much of a pain to get to from the city? ie could I ride my pushie to get out there?

I should really get the tack bike out again, it hasn’t seen light of day in almost 10 weeks now >_<


Awesome! Bit of a shame you are sluming it though :wink: Like when I go to Sydney for work I slum it <a href=“http://www.hiltonsydney.com.au/”>here</a> which could be next week or the week after (wont be taking a bike though)

It’s about 10km’s from the city - easy as to get to!

You can probably get away with using one of the Brunswick bikes if you are coming down on the Tuesday night - I take it you have at least a ride it licence?

Yeah I’m a CA member through the Randwick Botany club up here. How much is entry? What are the grades like? What types of races do you have? Does the pope really shit in the woods?


Nice one Garth!

Yeah you’ve gotta come down to DISC and ride. There are club bikes if you need one, and grades are E-A so we are all catered for if you know what I mean.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Excellent :slight_smile:

FARK YEAH!!! We should so do a Wed-speed-chase through the city ended by a meal in China Town.

… a playground bbq perhaps?

Tuesday: $10 entry, open to all CA members. Three races per grade:

  • Scratch
  • one of points, elimination, progressive points, team sprint or keiren
  • 40 (C+D) or 60 (A+B) lap motorpace

If the pope does shit in the woods, would anyone hear him break wind?

YEAH and I could do some chili chicken wings woooo

If the Pope does shit in the woods I hope he’s got insect repellent so his nads don’t get bitten :wink:

Racing on Tuesday? “Lock it away Eddy”

Tuesday ride, I’ll have to see. I want to go out with my mate at least 2 nights and he’s busy on the Monday and I’ll be racing Tuesday.

If there is chance of doing something on the Monday night I’d be keen though. Or for that matter anything during the day is sounding good.

About the only thing I’ve really decided to do is go to Chapel st and have a caramel milkshake.

I work round the corner from Chapel st. I’ll be keen to join you for that Milkshake if you can swing it around lunch hour.

Is the Cafe “Chapelle’s” still there? (from memory it’s dark brown/black text on light brown backgroud) I went there last time I was in the 'burn in '99 and the milkshakes were outstanding.

Lunch times I can do :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t have a clue.
Should do, I grew up not far from there and spent many young years ‘hanging’ on the street.

I’ll do some research! :wink:

I’m guessing you mean Chapelli’s. It’s 24 hours and yes, it’s still open. Near the corner of Toorak Rd.

:lol: Ya that’s the one!

Ah Garth… I see we are going to have to introduce you to the non-Sydney part of Melbourne. Ie… North of the river* :wink: ahah

  • Shut your mouth Craig.

sounds good to me :smiley:

Which really is the best part of Melbourne!!