Wooden Handle Bars

I did a search and couldn’t find anything already posted.

Is anyone importing these or knows where I can get some within Australia?


Give your local furniture maker a call… They should be able to wack something up if you can’t get the guy who makes them to ship them over.

just out of interest… why would you bother?

Give me my cheap risers any day.

Boutique points. They dont look to bad, quite a nice lil touch.

do another search…


i think there utility would be limited to a bike you want to just hang in a window.

putting brakes on them spoils the look, and i wouldn’t trust them on a bike without brakes… imagine going for an agressive emergency stop, and having them snap in half.

waste of time, waste of money, waste of wood.

wooden bother…sorry, I had to.

Get some hardwood from Mitre10, build a steam bath, make a batch of bars, sell them and you will be millionaire before you know it.

they look pretty, but pretty weird, makes for a nice show piece but i’d be scared of getting crucified by them if they snapped.

my current handle bar is a bit of an old broom stick, im sure i could cut you a pair of flats :stuck_out_tongue:

The seller ships to Oz (fingers crossed getting it through customs). Price includes shipping.

Nice looking but won’t survive a heavy crash.