Woods Point ride

Just looking for expressions of interest at the moment.

I was fairly inspired by Andy’s Woods Point ride the other week. For those who haven’t read it:http://www.fyxomatosis.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=291:woods-point-shifter-bikes-yarra-valley-epic-day-1&catid=1:latest-news&Itemid=97

I’m keen to do it at some stage soon, possibly as soon as Anzac day weekend, maybe in a few weeks time.

Would be nice to get out there and do some longer rides on the dirt.

interested. but not anzac weekend.

Yeh probably not the best time. Maybe if people suggest times that are good for them we can work something out.

I was hoping you might be interested in tagging along Brendan, during your few weeks off.

I’m half keen.

may 8-9?

I’m interested in attending too, but may 8-9 doesnt work that well for me

Would people be keen to do the whole thing as Andy did? Took three days of pretty hard riding.

I’m half keen as well, depending on dates. Just read all about it then. :-o

i’m open the weekend after too. but is it a 3 day tour?

Yes, its 450km all up, three days, two nights. Does that qualify as ‘taking it easy’ brendan?

Argh! I’ve been wanting to ride to Woods Point for a couple years now - it’s never quite happened for various reasons. If it wasn’t for impending fatherhood I’d be all over this. Count me in for next year!

I’ve got Rooftops maps of the area that I’m happy to lend out, for what it’s worth. PM me if interested and I’ll dig them up (or maybe check what Dan/Andy used?) Got a feeling google maps won’t save you out there :slight_smile:

There’s not even street-view out there! are you guys crazy?!

Chaz, yes.

Angry, sorry you’re missing out, would be good to have you along for the ride. I’m interested in those maps, might ask Andy too as to what they used. Again, in my typical fashion, i have not given this any though logistically, but it just looks like a great ride.

also, I hear vegans arn’t even given the vote out that way - in fact they’re considered Australian flora and fauna last I heard…

That’s ok, we just won’t show the locals Brendan’s tattoo about desiring disorder.

mate, i’m a cannonball run veteran (as is matty b). so yeah, this is taking it easy.

can you get that much time off work?

ps. time to take expressions of interest, then set up an email list?

Wasn’t questioning your ability Brendan, just whether it fits in with your six weeks off. And if Andy and Shifter Dan said it was one of the hardest rides they had ever done, chances are it might be a little tricky.

Anyway, if you really are interested in this PM me your usual email address and the time that suits you best (May 15, 16th ish seems to be cropping up a bit.)

Brendan et all, i suppose you can’t start on a friday or spill into a monday due to teaching the young and impressionable/hacking/doing whatever job it is you people do?

Ok so far i have brendan’s email, but i know Nikcee, possibly Blakey, and maybe Matty B are interested. Pm me your emails guys so we can get the ball rolling. Mckenny, you should come too.

I’m semi interested. i’ll pm you my email anyway, super keen for a long ride.

Ok have scoped out the route roughly (thanks for the maps Andrew, unfortunately they don’t cover most of what we will be riding…but gives me some idea) and looks ok. Extreme hills if those wiggles are anything to go by…
I may pop by Shifterbikes and ask Dan for route advice at some stage.
Still waiting on emails addresses.

So far we seem to be looking at 7/8/9 of May for dates.