Wool jersey group buy

They were having a group buy over at Bikeforums C&V but it fell through due to a whole swag of people saying they wanted one but not coming through with the cash.

We’re still doing it here. The order will be placed on Monday 12th April with delivery in Melb expected around ten days later. PM me if you want to get involved.

(note: we would go for “No printing”, so the white stripe will be blank. You can get them embroidered or flock printed at a local store if you like)

These jerseys are made from 100% Australian merino. Yep, it goes from here to china to Portland, USA and then back to Aus again… I bought a long sleeve one in a group buy from a USA forum last year and wore it every day throughout summer, too. Wool is good! If you need convincing as to why wool is the best thing to wear while cycling, please read this article from Rivendell.

Prices will be approximately:
A$58 for a short sleeve jersey, picked up from Brunswick, VIC, or A$63 delivered anywhere in Australia
A$63 for a long sleeve jersey, picked up from Brunswick, VIC, or A$68 delivered anywhere in Australia
A$65 for a long sleeve trainer (last picture, these are a looser cut like a jacket), picked up from Brunswick, VIC, or A$70 delivered anywhere in Australia

We are in the 40+ price bracket! If they end up slightly cheaper, I will send refunds. I’ve estimated the postage to Australia on the high side so this is a possibility. I don’t make any money off this. I just get the chance to get a jersey at the discounted rate, like you.

There are a number of colours to choose from: red, blue, green, black, and black with red. Pictures can be seen at the OCW website. You can also see which colours are out of stock by clicking on a price at the ocw site, and looking at the “size” drop down.

One thing I should have mentioned before: the sizing chart is at the bottom of this page. I will say though that these run smaller than that chart suggests. Last year my dimensions suggested a L size but XL was BY FAR the better fit. So don’t be afraid to size up.

There are already some folks involved in this group buy from another forum. And we’d like to get this happening asap. So I’d appreciate if people could let me know if they’re interested within a couple of days.

Deadline for payment will be Monday 12th April (if you’re 100% positive you want one but need a couple of extra days to pay, contact me and maybe we can work something out).

Jerseys should arrive in Melbourne around 22nd April - I should be able to send them all out within two days of their arrival.

Please feel free to PM me with any questions.

[edited post to reflect current prices, status etc]

Interested, but what would the script on the front say?

There’s a picture of the embroidery/flockprinting in the first post. Remember, it costs extra to get the printing (US$13/US$3).

Personally, I’m leaving it blank. Saves money, and looks better (to my eye).

You can always get embroidery done locally, too. Get something a bit more personal.

Awesome. If it goes down to the 41US price I’m keen for a short sleeve fractional zip in Black.

PM me with how I go about organising it?

i’m interested too, if you could PM with how to go about it too that’d be swell

I’d buy some more if there was an Adelaide order
(have one with the flocking)

Yup, I’m in for one.
PM me for details.
Much appreciated

I’m interested - L SS Black. Let me know what needs to be done to make it happen.

**** Post deleted due to not being relevant any more *****

***** Post deleted due to not being relevant anymore ******

And regarding sizing, don’t be afraid to go up a size. I found an XL to be the best fit for me last year, even though I’d normally buy shirts from the Medium or Large rack at the op shop. 6’1", 34 waist. Unfortunately, I’ve put on a few pounds since then, but that’s another story…

I don’t think they look best when they’re ultra-tight.

Any idea if there are sufficient orders to get the deep discount @ 41us?

We will be getting the deep discount! US$41 for short sleeve, US$45 for long sleeve.

I need to confirm measurements tonight, but I’m likely in for a couple.

Here’s a Rivendell article on how good wool is for cycling, with some handy tips for cleaning too:



pm’d also

holla back plz

Okay, I’ve hollered back to all - I was cutting and pasting the bulk of the message and may have gotten a few of your names wrong in the intro but the information in the body of the message should all be correct/relevant.

I forgot to mention that if anyone wants to send alternates in case they run out of stock of any sizes/colours, it might save me a little hassle chasing it up but shouldn’t be a big deal.

Also remember, if in doubt, size up. I’ve found these sizes run a little small.

Deadline extended for another week due to slack-arse Americans being slow with paying.

By the way, we’re almost half way to a 40+ discount on our own. So if you know people who might be interested, please let 'em know. If we get 40 we can save a buck or two (and a week) by getting them shipped to Aus directly.

Winter’s coming!

Did this go ahead?