Just searched this forum and saw that “woot bikes” doesn’t appear. You guys have been missing out! but no more
Wootbikes - fixies with a wooden handlebar

They make bikes out of the special metal used in airplanes and handguns, use special aluminium profiled rims to give an extra boost when riding into the wind.

Their second bike was inspired by something that happened in the 50s.

They have received some very good reviews online.

“Felling the rigidness”

Like felling a tree? (That’s unfair, not native english speakers)

“a so called Flip-Flop Hub”

well what are they really called?

“we were really struggling to find brilliant fixed gear bikes in the shops nowadays.”

this, is true. they are all turds like woot bikes

Felling the rigidness reminds you of the fact that it’s a product of nature.

Oooooooh yeah baby, gimme some o dat wood!!

For the tires different kinds and brands were tried but eventually we came back to our first pick: a super slim tire made from specially developed L3R rubber, a material that is normally used in motorcycles for its incredible durability, grip and lightweight profile.

I don’t believe that at all.

Simply reverse the rear wheel and you’ll have a vastly different cycling experience haha


Hehe, whoops! it’s almost a bad pun… thanks for the heads up :wink:
Our Wootbikes might not be your cup of Foster if you’re looking for a racing or stunt bike but when it comes to class, I don’t think it’s fair to describe our bikes as turds… And the reversible wheel (is that a better word for it?) is actually quite nice for those people that are only just starting out on bikes like this.
But please don’t believe me, mail me at lennart@wootbikes.com for a discount and you can try one yourself :smiley: shameless plug

They’re half a step above Reids and department store bikes made from no-brand components. Turd is fair

leather by Lepper, a bit too close to leper