Words that do not exist in cycling but should.

Words That Do Not Exist In Cycling – But Should

“Booge: verb/noun – When your chamois butter develops a hard,
cheese-like clog in the opening and you have to squeeze like hell to
get it to come out; then suddenly it does, hitting the palm of your
hand with such momentum that it splats all over your face, kit, sweet
ironclad base layer, etc.
Usage: This morning, I was getting ready to butter up and I booged
myself so bad I had a flashback of that time I got drunk with Ron

We’ve all been there.

Teuf-Teuf - when you slip off a pedal and jab your
taint (perineum) on the tip of your saddle.

been there done that

reason i’ve had a bruised pelvis for the last 2 weeks

so you are a ‘baboon’?

DD#3 was a ‘cycloscat’, and we warned people…