work experience kids

i can imagine a few people on this site work at bike shops so i thought i would ask if during the last 2 weeks or so they had any interesting work experience kids.

it being the time for it and all.
any of them get jobs?
any of them little shits?
i finished my last day doing it today and it was awesome.

We had a work experience kid last year, although I don’t work in a bike shop, so it’s kinda irrelevant.
I thought he was a douchebag.

maybe not just work experience kids at bike shops, but everywhere…

In that case, I’ll tell you about him.
He was a douchebag.

Had a few ring up wanting to work in my gallery. Told them all no. We only open 3 days a week and they all want to work all week. I didn’t do work experience when I was at school. Just had a little holiday.

i’ve bitched about my work experience on here before.

some of you had to work in boring offices or whatever, i got sent to a fucking mine site in Kalgoorlie 800km away from home for 2 weeks instead of one cos the company organised such an in depth program for me.

AND one of those weeks was in school holidays.

so did you enjoy it or not?
ill admit you would have learnt alot but still 2 weeks underground couldnt have been fun.

the question is, did you go to the titty bar at the mine site/town ?

hahaha a man can always dream…

it was a pit mine - that massive Super Pit in Kalgoorlie.

i did get to go underground a few times though.

and i was allowed to press the button that made stuff go BOOM when they blast rock walls (so bummed when i saw it wasn’t a lever like in cartoons but a remote control about the size of a lighter), so that was cool.

following around the labourers etc was fun and see shit get crushed and stuff was awesome but spending whole days in labs testing rocks with geo techs was beyond brain numbing.

would have been a drainer.
but theres gotta be a titty bar in kalgoorlie