work in process Basso

hey dudes, i’ve just returned to melb from a few years living in london… Good to see the fixie scene taking off here and that we’ve got a cool forum…

This is my latest project -

Early 80ies Basso track frame which i picked up from the rich smorgasboard that is german ebay…

I’m just about there on the build, just waiting for two last vital pieces of the puzzle - wheels, haha.

For the record, parts i’ve been acquiring for it are campag pista cranks and chainring, nitto stem, deda steel track drops, custom made saddle…

Looking for something italian and vintage in terms of wheels (which leave the obvious options) to finish it off…

Hmmm - if i could work out how to embed a picture now, i would… shit.

Try this:,5822.0.html

Sweet, thanks dude…

Well here it is - the wheels on it at the moment are from another bike and just a photoshop job…

WOW! Love that colour scheme! Looks amazing!

thanks mate… yeah im pretty happy with it…

that’s really clean :smiley:

those colours look sick

national Jamaican colours :wink:

Are sticking with the low profiles up front or double b43? I rekon go for some Campy Omegas or some MA2’s if you can find em. I actually know a slack ass gent who’s got a pair free since he never rides. Let me know and I’ll put you in contact.

ideally, I’d like to find some omega’s but alas they are a dime a dozen - so just playing the ebay game in multiple countries at the moment.

I do like the B43s though - sick deep profile… However, I can’t justify looks vs performance in this case - reckon they would weigh a tonne and the added strength they would offer isn’t really relevent for me.

shit forgot to say if you have a contact selling some omegas or MA2s that would be awesome! If you wanna drop me a pm that’d be great.

Dude, why so many posts. It looks like you’re trying to get to 25 posts so you can use the classifieds.

Maybe change your name to triggerhappy then!!

Dude, that frame has got ‘class’ written all over it, nice work!

thanks mate!

Got my eyes on a pair of wheels on ebay, if I don’t win 'em might have a project for you to finish the bike off!!

F*k me thats inspirational! good stuff mate