Work stands?

Hi All,

I’m not a regular here, but have been here on and off for a few months. I’m hoping that I can get some advice on workstands - I’m thinking of an xmas present for myself, so have a bit of a budget, and all the workstands I can find seem towards, or well above, $200, which is well out of my range.

Anyone have any advice on what to look for/at? Also - comments on the usefulness of workstands to start with? Something I’ve always thought about but never got…


One of the best things you can get in my opinion (besides the bike). I use mine for regular maintenance, cleaning, spray priming old frames, changing tyres… etc. So much better than turning the bike upside down to work on it.

I got mine at They have specials from week to week and I waited out and got it for $70.

Thanks Ant - is Torpedo7 | Outdoor Gear Store | Extreme Sports New Zealand Shop Online what you got? Any opinion on the ones that clamp the frame (either top of seat tube) as opposed to the ones that sit on the BB and front dropouts?

some frineds and i chucked some money together to get erle one for his birthday a few months ago. he LOVES it. this is the one we got him>>>

MINOURA - RS 1200 Repair Stand

i ordered it over the phone and picked it up a few days later. cost $75

maybe he’ll give a little review for you :slight_smile:

Thanks - would love the review. Had already looked at that, but was a little nervous of the stability. Also like the idea of nothing between me and the bike from all sides - but hey, for $75 I think I can handle some sacrifices.


I picked up an old towbar-mounted bike beak from the local kerbside hardwaste a few years ago and bolted it to my work bench. it has served me very well (and the price was as good as it gets).

Haha, there’s certainly a theme of “hard waste = good” around here isn’t there?

Sounds like a good idea, I’ll keep an eye out.


I use a Minoura vice mounted stand in the shop and wont use another now. Vice mounted one can also be bolted to a benchtop. I also have the freestanding Mnioura version but dont like it as much as it movers around too much. Hate Park cause of their clamp.
If you can get a big old desk and bolt a minoura to you will love it.

I can probably get a big old desk, but I certainly can’t find anywhere to put it! Bugger! Sounds like a great idea though - I like the idea of the outside workstand, my shed is (a) small, and (b) dark…

Thanks for all the ideas guys - much appreciated.


Not a fan of the minoura ones. My road bike doesn’t fit in it real well and I can’t spin the front wheel (or even have it straight) because of the armature that supports the downtube and the lack of clearance between my front wheel and DT.

They have their uses but I reckon a clamp or something that supports the BB shell and uses a QR clamp on the fork is the way to go.