working out your bike colours

It’s not perfect but it’s kinda handy to get an idea of colours you might want to use on your next project.

i’m not going to attempt to flame someone who joined up in 06, so i’ll just say it’s kinda old news

fullysick colorways!

It should be simple. Everything black, except when you want some class you can then decide to get silver or polished parts.

I used to worry about colour schemes, but now, I cbf.

Would make sense since there’s probably a buttload of shit I’ve seen online and you haven’t. Thanks for being civilized.

Exactly, colourways are too much hassle if you’re actually building your own bike. I always buy the best quality components I can for the best value I can find, and they always end up being black or silver anyway.

I hear urban outfitters and jelly bean bikes have some rad colourways though

hitting the i feel lucky button is pretty funny. not dissimilar from a lot of the stuff i see around and about

i see no reason not to be. :smiley: