world championship road race.

is on right now. channel one HD. will disappear for a little bit, then come back on at 11.

go gerro.

or alan davis.

but not cadel.

as they just discussed, I want to see the leaders lap the peleton!

i watched the women’s event
good stacks

that conversation alone made tuning in worthwhile.

“imagine if it would happen”

“it won’t happen.”

“but imagine if it did.”

“it won’t.”

“if it did, then all the other riders would be eliminated”

“but i’m sure it won’t”.

samuel beckett would be happy.

oh, and it’s streaming live:

watching cycling without phil liggett feels weird.



i can’t believe the little bastard did it.

and he can smile and frown at the same time :evil: :smiley:

Fell asleep with about 2 laps to go…

Amazing what you can do with some talented riders behind you. Don’t get me wrong, Cadel’s a talented bloke (albeit a moaner at times) but if this doesn’t give him the kick in the date needed to leave Lotto he is a fool.