world championship road races.

men’s under 23 time trial was last night, and turbo durbo took it out. i’m no patriot, but the kid is a gun.

UCI Road World Championships: U23 Men Time Trial, Route Maps & Results |

and holy crap, someone else from australia i’ve never heard of also won the under 19s women’s time trial!

UCI Road World Championships: Junior Women Time Trial, Route Maps & Results |

You know this means that you too, by association, are a champion.

i know right!

so i see fabian got done over. he even crashed! long live der panzerwagen…

How much fun is it to say “Der Panzerwagen!”

i know! all those years of german class totally just paid off.

had this exact conversation with a work colleague this morning

stolen from another forum - aerial shot of the last corner in last night’s women’s road race championships:

some kinds of humour are truly international.

I didn’t know Dylan was over there painting roads?

I just watched the replay and saw that. Went past pretty quick, I was all like “Was that a giant knob on the road?” Sometimes I just see what I want to see…

Great finish. Just showed how got Cav is in a bunch, with or without a lead out.
Renshaw on the team would have helped.

I’m actually annoyed at Cav winning, which pisses me off cos I hate giving a shit about sport. Gimme a couple of hours and I’ll be back to indifference.

Damn that was fast!

I’m pretty stoked Cav won, mostly because I had $10 on him. Whilst it would have been interesting with Renshaw in there, it was a pretty chaotic finish and I don’t think anyone had a proper lead-out did they? Certainly not in the HTC TdF style. Ultimately it was Cav against Goss, and Cav got the jump.

Awesome ride by the Australians though - not sure they could have done much more.

Spartacus was a bit stiff too - not sure how they split him and Greipel for third.