World Cup Rugby - let the trash talk begin !!!

1stly, I feel that South Africa was robbed and should have won the game against Aussie (to borrow from our NZ cousins). We played terribly and don’t deserve to go through.

2ndly, I’m so happy England are out. They suck to watch and playing such a boring game, more so there’s nothing I can’t stand more than a gloating pom. Seeya !!!

3rdly, way to go France. Very happy for them … I think they can win against Wales this weekend. Nothing against Wales … great singers and brilliant car thieves but they’re kidding themselves if they think they can be World Cup winners irrespective of how many players by the name of Davies are on the field.

NZ/Oz this weekend should be quite some contest. Who knows?

Enjoyed watching Samoa & Tonga, Ireland against Oz and Schalck Burger would still be the first man picked in my team if I was playing. He is just fearless and like a blond toped wrecking ball. Speaking of which I’m glad I’m not playing in the game these days … the size and strength of players all over the pitch is incredible and the fierce brutality of the game is well above anything I’d ever seen.

I love Kevin Mealamu … he’s such an honest and hard working player. Mr. Consistent and never gets the praise.

Eden Park … hmmm?

Unfortunately my boys in blue didnt make the cut, stupid romania.

I hope NZ wins

I gotta lot of laughs out of this: How? Dunno. Do Winners Still Grin? Oh Yes. Yes They Do… | Good Times

Ha !! … the mobility of a large pot-plant (Smit)

i haven’t heard of any of these bands

SA robbed? Decisions sucked both ways, they have no reason to complain, despite their complaining. The best thing about this cup for me has been the competition at the breakdown. It’s really changed the game for the better imho.
Weirdly, I feel more confident for this weekend than I did last- these words will more than likely come back to haunt me.

i had lateline on in the background last night whilst doing some internetzzz, and was roused from my stupor by the dulcet tones of hamish talking about this very subject…

at least i think it was the rugby

We did play terribly on the whole, Quade had a Quade kind of day, lineout was shocking, kicks in play were crap, no territory, no ball. But what did SA offer do with all our mistakes, territory and possession, not much. I want to have David Pockock’s children.


I love France too but how the hell does a team that has spent the last 3 weeks bitching and moaning at their coatch and each other, loosing to Tonga, having no credible defence then pull out a game like that? Oh wait, it’s France… Best of luck to them but you know there’s no way they can play 2 games like that in a row. As for Wales, they have been the best attacking team in the cup. Ireland sat back, gave them too much ball, kicked poorly and did not play their natural forward game.

NZ have it all to loose, must say Cruden looked much more comfortable at 10 than Slade did. The rest of the team looked lost without carter. Will the 2011 london riots look like kindergarden this weekend?

Wales v South Africa, Romania v Scotland, Ireland v Oz, Argentina v Scotland, Samoa v Tonga

I never realised how much I love David Pocock

Eden Park history should bother NZ more than us, we are not expected to win.

It was about cricket. I did explain to my producers though that I was having a hard time concentrating on anything except rugby at the moment.
We were at a kids concert pre-game on Sunday during which my wife asked why I was looking so grim. I had to reply honestly and tell her I was extremely anxious about the Wallabies front row.

ah you are indeed correct, it was a piece on the match fixing slurs being thrown about.

As an expat Saf Saf all i can say is…what Rugby World Cup ?


I never realised how much I love David Pocock

Yes, he is a star and very talented but he can only thrive if the others all chime in on other areas of the park. I also like Ashley Cooper but he hasn’t had a great World Cup so far … hoping he turns it up this weekend. Quade is making me so frustrated but in saying that he’ll probably come back with a sensational game this weekend. I played at #10 and know how easy it is to look good if your forwards set the platform - he hasn’t had that much and it’s hard to be too critical of his game. In saying that it is the World Cup and it’s silly to be too tricky in your own half of the pitch. If I were Deans I’d be playing them together, interchanging and playing either side of the ruck in full attacking mode. Their combined talents work well together … too well to ignore.

Scrum worries me too Hamish. I wish Robinson was fit to play, I’m not so confident our front row can hold up if attacked and we haven’t really had much in the way of tearaway forwards except for maybe Samo. If the forwards can fire up our backs will have all the room in the world and we know they have the razzle dazzle to play sensational rugby. But NZ forwards are a very tough bunch and intimidated by nobody and we’ve seen what happens to our game when our forwards are quiet and on the backfoot.

I also am more confident of us beating NZ than I was of us beating SA. Rugby’s a funny game though … you never know which team will win on any given day, especially as we’ve seen this World Cup.

Australia win? Whaka no!!!

So your giving points start then?

new zealand will be raise to the ground if the aussies win… there will be riots

yeh i’m lost.

Maybe not a bad thing … :wink:

But seriously, this is the game of the World Cup. Whoever wins this is almost certain to keep the Cup. I still think NZ have the game and players to take it out but the pressure on them is immense, and Australia has nothing to lose which means they can take risks.

Will be an interesting game. Can’t wait.


Well …


South Africa were robbed? What match did you watch pal?

And i thoroughly hope the Wallabies hump the kiwis.

I wouldn’t mind the Welsh getting up too, did well against my lot (Ireland) and seem to be peaking at the perfect time.

Wales V NZ would be interesting though, battle of the sheep shaggers.