world cup tix.

yes, i’m the group buy jerk.

i’m going friday and saturday night (in between shenanigans at ponybikes in the latter case). see here for schedule:

pm me if you want one.

i will be placing the order next monday the first.

money up front!

(y’all better vote for me)

so far i’m buying tix for:

friday night:

nik cee (paid)
clarion (paid)
caseymoira (paid)
kiwicyclist (paid)
heavy metal cyclist (paid)
blakey (paid)
mckenny (paid)
benzy (paid)
tj (paid)
romain (paid)

saturday night:

CM (paid)
blakey (paid)
sarah m (paid)

i did say i was ordering tix today. however, no one has flowed me any money at this point. address for paypal is get cracking! i’m ordering on friday - peeps who haven’t coughed up will be on their own. you could just hand me some cash on the warby ride tomorrow if you’re not into paypal…

thankyou brendan. will fix you up tomorrow.

Oi, put me down for the friday night Brendan… wish I saw this before today so I could have given you cash. I’ll come into the city tomorrow or Thursday with money for you.

forgot to give you the cash monies yday. :stuck_out_tongue:

ill paypal it later

teej if you can make it saturday night, that’s when the madison is on. it was so exciting last year!!!

Just sent funds by paypal.



The ol fish memory of mine forgot to hook you on the warby,
paypaling today mate,

Just sent money via Paypal,

Many thanks


i gave you some cash right up the ol paypal,
cheers m8.

tickets ordered. pick up on the day. fed sq meetup, 6.30 friday?

Yeah, sounds good. Can’t wait 2 weeks!
Thanks Brendan

will you be supporting france or australia?

You already knew!
Franceobviously :smiley:

just so long as we all cheer against the english.

I’ve heard rumours that they’re not going to have the bar in the middle this year does anyone know if it’s true?

as far as i know, it’s still there!

hey not sure if I’m going or not but did you guys get the “GA” tickets? Is that general Admission with no allocated seats so i could still come with you guys??

yep. you can sit wherever. come on saturday night. it’ll rule :slight_smile:

nah come friday