world cup tix.

fri Vs. sat

jeez guys

come to both!

i’ll be rolling down to hisense from the pony bikes extravaganza at around 7 on saturday night… really keen to see the madison…

DITTO :slight_smile:

friday is best day… :roll:

Awesome, let the good times roll!

any idea what time it finishes on fri nite? i’m going to a gig but would like to see some racing

Based on last year I’d guess it will finish up around 10.30ish but don’t quote me on it.


lightning bolt?

that’s where i’m gonna be

Really?? As in from the u.s??? I saw them in NYC in about 2003, crazy!


they’re playing a little show at Irene’s on thursday too. i will try to make both

i’ll be riding there after the word cup…

Ticketec and ticket release timing is so confusing!!! :?

I was looking at getting tickets a while back but it looked like the tickets were sold out.

Now it looks like they hadn’t come on stream at that point - AND I’VE MADE OTHER PLANS!!! (I assumed the nights sessions were sold out).

Seriously - the promoters should think about ditching ticketec after last year’s debacle, because things don’t look like they’ve improved much!!! :frowning:

we meeting 6.30 at fed square friday yes?