World Cup

Some quality racing tonight and a few familiar faces in the crowd, plus a handful of gaffs from the commentary team…

Did I hear Dave McKenzie say one of those vintage bikes had “epileptic gears”?? :?
Pretty sure that’s what I heard. Dad and my brother heard it too.

That’s what I heard too.

One of the front wheel drive bikes had a pretty severe wobble going on with the back wheel too. Maybe it had pepilepsy[1] too.

[1] Canine Pepilepsy | Flight of the Conchords Wiki | Fandom

fuck if i’d known you were there CC i would have worn my good hat.


is it yellow?

it can be

ahh awesome! i wanted to make it down tonight but was pretty wrecked after work. am really looking forward to tomorrow night though :slight_smile:

Was good fun watching, i enjoyed it heaps more than i expected! A few nice slams and yellow cards!

best night of racing i’ve seen there so far, exciting stuff :slight_smile:

There was no infield bar! I want my money back! :cry: sorry to the people i kept squeezing past with cups of beer.

But seriously a great night of racing. Aus team pursuit final was fantastic (that guy will go even faster without that haircut). How about that big german bloke winding up the pace.

madison and sprints tonight!

Not directly related but anyone else heard the rumour that the Revolution mob are in financial difficulty and the Austral/Revo 5 is in doubt? :?

On the CSV site the link to Revo 5 is greyed out…

It doesn’t surprise me, You cant make money if the media only take notice AFTER the event.

Hasnosence or whatever the arena is called these days is shit for any sport and they prob take all the money. The place is lifeless.

… I still go to them all anyway.

Another great night of racing, incredible effort by the Ukrainian team in the Madison to take a lap early on, but a stellar win from the Kiwis (Cam/Stu, you would have lost your shit if you were there.)

Perko & Anna made it look easy in the Match Sprint and the Keirin.

Wicked ride home in the rain, in the drops spinning all the way up Nicholson, smashing through the puddles. Even with full fenders my shoes, jacket, etc are completely saturated.

Gaffe highlights: Argentinia & Dutch Sandwich.

Bwaaahaha I love those guys.

Perkins’ move on Sireau in the sprint final was awesome finish to the night. Anna Mears setting the fastest ever 500m time in Australia was also a ripper. Then she smoked the field in the keirin.
20 km ride home in the rain was mental.


the rain made me late and i missed the madison (bummed) but definitely saw some great racing. yeahhhhh

i think i had more fun on the ride home in that rain!!! plus it’s not every day you have the whole (3-4 lanes) of footscray road to yourself (plus the other two guys who were also riding back from the racing) :slight_smile:

thanks for organising the tickets brendan!

I saw the back of Andy / TC’s head on the ABC news.

That’s all.

Taped and just watched the coverage from Fox. Gees you guys in Melbourne know how to put on a big crowd. Last few times i’ve been to Dunc Grey you could count the spectators on one hand.

Rev 5 and 6 scheduled for earlier in the year were postponed due to the GFC. The December 16 event is on!

in this town two flies crawling up a wall would pull a crowd if they had numbers on their backs :wink: