Worse than Hitler


If I saw this cunt riding, i would run them over with my car.

what a bag of turds!


A Tirestorm to purify xErlex?

godwin has been notified. :wink:

hey anyone want to send this guy a bedazzler? he’s only half finished

" The Piece was entitled “Trail of Tears 2k8” … " blah blah blah

nothing conveys the misery of a displaced people like … a dreamcatcher?

Are we allowed to make Greek jokes? (the artist’s surname’s Georgallides)

Yeah had a chuckle when I read bike snobs rip on this guy aswell!

Dream catcher for real? That’s trying pretty hard…

Some people just post on FGG to get at bike snob me reckons!

haha gold!
Street by street, block by block…

And I thought putting a top tube pad on was overkill… I’m all for originality, but that’s fucking ridiculous!

Dear God. Only in America.

…and i thought matching my saddle, bar tape, toe straps and tyres was bad enough.

I was trying to think what the name of that law was just the other night!