Worst jerseys ever?

I cannot believe they actually made this:

I sorta, kinda want this one for the lolz though:

^where on earth could you ride with that nazi one!?

neo-nazi rally?

someone post the foot-on kit.

how the hell did you stumble across those bad boys?

^ well yes of course. But that’s not really what i meant.

Oh man that’s bad. Anyone want to be the Prince Harry of the cycling world?

all hail the black market twitter.

Hmm, Prince Harry eh?
Anyway, the Nazi one is an interesting idea, but disgraceful.

Someone looking for a rad, cx skinsuit?


More gold:

Hmm, that post didn’t turn out as intended.

Blakey said:

I sorta, kinda want this one for the lolz though:

The six shooter and holster on the thigh is just the thing for El Pistolero


Oh, and this one made me laugh:

I don’t know about the jerseys but the website design certainly brought back some bad web 1.0 memories. Check out the homepage if you’re not epileptic or prone to fitting from flashing shit. COOLMODE SDL WONGA

The “Chris Queen” hubs made me lol.

Group buy?

I’d definitely be in for a cowboy set up if they’re cheap, or maybe a tuxedo.

maybs dylan wouldnt have hit this dude if he was wearing the nazi outfit :wink:

Hey christian was asking for it.

And I had nothing to do with the swastika on the side.

Anne Frankly swastika’s aren’t very funny

I see what you did there…

  • Tron kit = Want
    (especially if you could get a light up version for night rides)