worth $140?

I need a new crankset. This Pake crankset is on ebay

I worked it out to be $140 odd to get it here. Is it worth it? If not anyone know any similar cranks with chain ring(1/8) for roughly the same price? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Sam

I could be wrong, but it looks to me like they are regular road cranks that are just running a chainring on the inside. I don’t think its such a good deal, especially considering how much postage is!
A good option would be to get a set of used road cranks, like some old shimano 600 or dura ace ones, and then get a new 1/8th chain ring for them. Cycle underground make custom chain rings in any bcd, tooth count, etc. This would cost less than the pake cranks and your not spending heaps on postage, plus you would be getting much better cranks.
Or you could just get some used track cranks and chain ring from ebay for probably the same price, but then you have to wait for some to come up for sale.

which is part of the fun :smiley:


not to fond of waiting but ill give it a go. thanks for your input.