Wow ... just wow !!! (for Rolly)

Nature. Nothing comes close. :cool:

“Murmuration” shows a fascinating and rare phenomena in nature - The Feed - CBS News

wow indeed.

that was fucking great, thanks spirito!!

did you give me the heads up after the bat comment in that Prolly thread?!

Nice! Nature is sweet!

Here’s a cool owl (for Rolly)


I would not f*ck with that owl!! looks scary no matter what it does.

i could take it

that may be so, but you might not be able to take on this hungry whale


i reckon the owl could take that whale



Arctic Owls is where it’s at.


^ Holy Shit!!!

for teh Artic Owl I mean



how good is the narration!!

“…and around here, the penalty for rustling is death”

“…the lemming is now being totally reckless”


A respectable Polly:


owls are damn creepy

those ones sure fucking are

Anyone know this breed of owl?

This one sure isn’t! (I fucking love this video)


starlings on Otmoor - YouTube

here’s some more of those sweet starling videos

Yeah, poor lemmings, being penalised with death.