fgg you’ve done it again

  1. complete with loose chain and no toeclips
  2. wtf :-o

I am borrowing My dad’s Zipp rear disc wheel and have Carytown Bicycle Company ordering me a Phil Wood Cog to slap on it.

Screams of rich young douchebag :lol:

As for the last one- I agree WTF?!
Reminds me of Willy Wonka:

ahahahaha at willy wonka reference

olli makes some pretty badass bikes.

he made those wheels himself :open_mouth:

No2 makes me feel like I am on acid.

#2 got a pipe bender for christmas.

#1 well… what a fuck :evil:

#2: Dr Suess rides fixed?

the first guy says its an “around town build” yet he has a $2000 wheel on the back? wtf! i dont understand why you would buy a bike for $350 and put $2500 worth of wheels on it to ride around town

Well how many times have you seen a VL commodore with 18 inch rims on them. the tyres are worth more than the whole car and the funniest thing is it makes it go slower as its increasing the unsprung weight.
Its a teenage thing.

All I have to do is lose the brakes and put some bullhorns on it.

Can’t wait to watch his section in “MASH 2”

#2brrrrrrooownnnnn accccciiiiid …

I will not ride it down a hill
I will not ride it for a thrill
I will not ride to split some trams
I will not ride it, Sam I Am!


nah thats hanz on his way to the swap meet

#2 I love it!!!

give daddy back his wheel :x