WTA - visp and aerospoke in perth?

hey guys, do u know where to buy visp frame and aerospoke wheel in perth? coz, i dont want to buy it on ebay. cheers

want to buy it on ebay

May I ask… why? (to the ebay thing. why you would want an aerospoke is a whole other kettle of 'spok)

… How come everytime I see an 'spok around town, the front wheel is worth more than the frame?

EDIT: Does this look like the trading section? Ever wonder why you can’t access it?

EDIT 2: What the hell is WTA? Why does the womens tennis association need a visp and 'spok?

visp just my first project, maybe if i got more money, i would buy cinelli, haha… i never bought anything from ebay, and the postage fee like half of the frame price…

Buy one of the $120+$35 aluminium Visp-esque frames on ebay. Cheap as chips.

Seems odd that you would complain about a $35 shipping fee buty happily fork out $300+ for an aerospoke. Maybe buy a decent frame and a decent set of wheels for the same amount of money and we’ll all be happy (maybe Brendan will even be happy, too).

i found the postage fee is 67$. wta is want to ask. so u suggest just go to buy on ebay?

Track Fixie Road Bike Frame with Fork Black 53cm (eBay item 160535486769 end time 22-Mar-11 15:21:02 AEDST) : Sport

Find your size, and bobs’ you’re bloody uncle.

Yes, i suggest buy on ebay. Buy it, ride it, break it, then grow a beard, shrink your jeans and get a sailors tattoo. Repeat.


Maybe - but at least it is useful advice.

Isn’t not buying a Visp on ebay an oxymoron?

i just wanted an excuse to post this pic. because it makes me lol

Wait, what? I’m a troll now? Was calling leleleleleerlrrlel a troll, not you.

Woah - I take the previous image back, I thought you were referring to me!

Apologies, you’re not black!

pls repost in new buyer’s guide / use the search function