WTF 80/100t chainrings

What the hell!!

Check out this old dudes, Giant.
80/100t chainrings…

Abilio Lagoa | Facebook

Needs explanation, otherwise:

SPD’S and a peace symbol cleary a beardo

apparently with 11-32 casette
making lowest gear 80:32 which is ~67" if using 700c wheels.
bike looks quite small in other photos i’ve seen if it’s got 24" wheels the gearing would drop a few inches.
top gear would be at least 220"

the calves in the background most certainly do not push those gears

Nar, standard 700c TCR Giant, in a small frame. They are 46.5cm or something. I used to sell em.
I would assume the BB would need to be pretty long to clear the chainstay.

Bloody crazy frogs.

On Fb he is standing atop a Col at 2770m!
67gi going up…all cool, just. 220 gi going down, now that sounds like kinda fun. Anyone ridden the col d l’iseran?

Chuck it in the big dog and you’re laughing

gold, but people could say the same of you if they didn’t know you

think if all the chains you’d have to buy

Perth approves.

was waiting for that :slight_smile: