WTF co-ordinated kit? Insanity.. Carbon Disc Wheel - Aero Helmet - Set Knicks

Carbon Disc Wheel - Aero Helmet - Set Knicks - eBay Road Bike Parts, Parts, Cycling, Sport. (end time 03-May-10 20:00:18 AEST)

“For sale is an oppertunity to look completely unique in TT or Triathalons.”

Yes, Unique is the word here. When you look like the Hulk on a Wak TT bike hurtling up the arse of the Leader and they look back to see what margin theyre winning by… Then the effect of this kit would come into its own.

i feel like… a… can of V… or maybe some Monster energy drink… or maybe an Aero Bar… or maybe a sprite…

interesting that a normal road kit is supplied rather than a skinsuit

All that’s missing is a pair of these…

and one of these