WTF is this thing?!? 2WD Bike....

2WD Bike, new private import, only one in australia | eBay


I think I know why it’s unused.

Found the video mentioned in the ad. Good to see the music matches the ridiculousness of the bike.

9 min video!!! Crazy.

Reminds me of a class I did in high school where we just made stuff out of lego technic.
One of the final challenges was to make a 2WD motorbike with steering.
None of us figured out how to do it.

how can you turn/steer and it not bend/put stress on the chain(s)?

Did you see in the video some of the riders getting rad on the snow? Extra traction?

2WD fixies needed!

Christini make much better shaft driven AWD MTBs

Christini AWD [Bikes]

Yeah the Christini is a much better execution of the same concept…Not much chop on the trails though TBH. Feels quite weird cranking out of a switchback on one.