WTF is wrong with people??

OK so I’ve had a bad head cold for a week and a half so I’m not feeling all that charitable.

But seriously, who pays $150 for used Eggbeater SLs? If you’re really good you can get them for half that brand new. If you’re ordinary you can still get them for $100 brand new.

There’s a guy I work with who is just incapable of finding things on ebay (and the internet in general). Maybe the buyer is like that?

Crank Brothers Egg Beater SL 2010 | eBay

please see this thread

I remember putting something on ebay once, that went for about 3 times what I’d seen it elsewhere. Some people just can’t resist the Place Bid button.

HINT: try and get your ads to finish late at night. That’s when the drunks bid…hahaaa!

Good for us sellers indeed!
There is no rhyme or reason though- sometimes there are things you don’t expect to go for much, which do, and other times you’ve got a super aerospoke which you can’t pay to get rid of!
It does confuse me though since cyclists are renowned for being tight arses, and combine that with ebay and you’ve got a compounded situation!

Actually that would be a good thread topic- ebay sale FAIL threads- your worst listings ever

Mine- Volvo towbar and ball- couldn’t even sell it for 99 cents!! Yes, still sitting in the fucking garage…

many years ago i bought a mobile phone from strathfield. as part of the deal they gave me an ipod, i think it was 2nd gen? ipods were still pretty groundbreaking at this stage. it came in a yellow cubic box.

i already owned an mp3 player so i put it on ebay sealed and BNIB BNWT.

it sold for almost $100 more than you could buy it in a shop.

I had a US ebay shop default on some ripper track wheels I bought (for dirt cheap) on auction. Then they sent me a bunch of stuff as a bribe to take off the neg feedback. So I sold it all and left the feedback there… karma