New site, get on board…


We welcome questions, comments, criticisms, suggestions, etc.




Thought you’d like that one spud.

A ‘plug’ is as good as a ‘punch’ :wink:

It’s like fyxomatosis #2!

Nice content, just please get a new Wordpress theme!

Nice, but lacking a point-of-difference.

There’s a quote somewhere, by some dude, something like:
“If you try to be The Beatles No. 2, you won’t, you’ll just end up being The Monkeys”

…and maybe get a better host, your pics don’t load.

two things, learn how to do hyperlinks, cause no-one cuts and pastes links anymore.
also maybe on the front page, mention what you do. i clicked on the link, got that page, and though that was the whole website. i didn’t notice the sidebar links until today.

Thanks for all the feedback guys and girls. It’s much appreciated

Firstly, and well worthy of comment, we hear you’re advice on differentiation. As nice as it would be, we are not fyxomatosis. The resemblance has been observed by those in the foremost of places: “it wouldn’t kill you to be a tad different, as much as imitation may be flattery, I think it’ll be more defeatist for you, than
me if you weren’t different.” - TC

We are understand the need to run our own race and we fully intend to do so, but fixed culture is a tight and narrowly defined experience and some similarities will always exist.

Yes LAM, hyperlinks will be introduced over the w/end and thank you for highlighting the home interface issue. The menu structure will receive attention shortly.

Once again thank you for the constructive criticism, I have been overwhelmed with emails expressing support and providing positive feedback since the sites introduction at the beginning of this week.

We are most certainly in our infancy and the road ahead is riddled with potholes. But with you’re assistance, and a little patience :-), we will endeavour to nurture our and you’re fascination with the fixed wheel.

In concluding we’d like you to take some final words of inspiration from our good friend Lance from Lara: “Carn’ the mighty Catssssssssssss!”

Have a great weekend.


Yeah look, you’re just going to have to change your name. There’s already one Andy in this business.


Eww, Geelong.

And eww, football.

And Lara… ahh memories… no wait, that’s a bit hazy.

Its frighteningly similar to fyxomatosis, especially referring to yourself as ‘we’. I think this is somewhat a fyxomatosis iconic trait (in my eyes) and perhaps you should adopt a different approach. Its good to see more Aussie fixed sites being developed but!

I agree your site is bloody similar to Fyxomatosis’s… even the way you’ve styled and set your photographs. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with this, but perhaps you need to find a more unique visual style.

You asked for opinions, so I’m giving them to you! :evil:

But it’s good to see another suitably obsessed fixie fanatic out there doing what they love… good luck with the venture.

Dear Ersatz Andy,

If you’re going to copy Andy then how 'bout you copy the way he doesn’t send mass spam emails promoting his site!

Thank you.

Thanks once again for your positive and negative feedback, all comments will be taken on board.

My main motivation and reason for embarking on this venture is to get more people riding and racing fixed wheel bicycles. To foster and share the love of simplicity of fixed wheel riding that I, you and so many others enjoy.

More fixxxed conversations, mechanical know-how and street ridden track bicycles can only be a good thing. :slight_smile:

Stay tuned for daily updates and new items added regularly.

Have a great week.


Well, thats weird.

Whoa that’s some freaky stuff. Kinda like when Superman had to battle Bizarro…

“See, me suddenly realize that me am not perfect imperfect duplicate!”

Get back to Htrae you demon !!


Due to overwhelming angst over the sites similarity to Fyxomatosis, I’ve pulled the site for renovations. Stay tuned for a make over.


I think the level of animosity from certain well established members of the online and offline fixed community members has been a bit excessive in regards to this site. No one’s going to deny that the similarities are a little too much, and that a slightly more personal take on things would be a little more successful. However, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I think it only goes to show how ingrained into the Australian fixed gear culture Andy and Dan are.

That said, I feel it’s extremely naive for people who run blog websites to feel they somehow have a claim on things that have been done by others for many years. You’ll find a lot of sites where posts use the ‘we’ reference, rather that ‘I’, none of them restricted to the Fixed/SS community. It’s a popular way of writing when referring to a named company/group/partnership/website.

Let’s not pretend that Dan is the first person to replace a single ‘x’ with ‘xxx’. I’m sure he’d see no point in changing his ways if he found another website that had been doing it longer.

Similarly, I hardly think Andy is the only person who enjoys photography as well as riding fixed. Not only that, but there are many other people out there who sell track gear online.

All that said, I love Andy and Dan and everything they do. I think they do a killer job, run interesting and amusing websites, and have been beyond helpful to me when asked for advice and parts. This community, both locally and internationally, wouldn’t be the same without them doing what they’re doing, and having such a dedication to it.

I just think it’s a little unfair to jump so heavily on someone else who is obviously new to online content, simply because of heavy influence from people who have seemingly influenced most of us. The whole fixxxation (see what I did there?) on being the most old-school and the most real and in the game for the longest does no one any favours when it turns into a way to cut others down for their own enthusiasm.

Let’s keep it all friendly, 'cause I’m pretty sure that’s the best way for it to be.


…it worked for Oasis.