X-mas Eve (daytime) ride.

Pointless I know, but thought I’d try the forum again, gets a few of the old bunch out for a drink/ride even though it seems like the most popular past time on here is spotting other locked up bikes, not riding :wink:

Anyhow, thinking of riding tomorrow arvo. Round up a few pubs along the way. Nothing late, looking to start around 2:00 at Civic Goon bag so that we can get to other engagements for the night.

Reply or SMS me, otherwise have a great festive season!!

Well this MEL rider will be in town late on xmas eve, so won’t be able to make the pub ride, but will catch you out on the trails mate!

Fingers crossed, looks like you may be bringing some Melbourne weather with you!

If I’d been on the forum yesterday I would have been SO UP FOR IT, but I wasn’t and now have plans :frowning: