XS bib knicks?

I’m just a wee little lad and have been finding it hard to acquire xs bib knicks on the net, all I can seem to find is rapha, and as much as I want to get some of that shit, I’d also like to be able to afford to live.

Surely I’m not the only XS on here? Anyone got any leads?

womens size?

nah women’s stuff is cut different, and i’d imagine the chamois would be a whole nother affair

*adding cadence to the list of ones i’ve found so far. would prefer something a bit cheaper so I won’t be so heartbroken when I inevitably crash again

you can search by size on probikekit.com if that helps?

Wiggle | dhb Aeron Cycling Bib Short Lycra Cycling Shorts

Geez… it ain’t that hard. As above, plus…

Search Results - Prendas Ciclismo

If sizing is an issue I would go somewhere and try them on. cheaper than return postage for exchanges, I would have thought. This place Australian Bicycle Clothing Online | Australia | Ph 1300 793 727 is around the corner from my place and has racks and racks of jerseys and knicks. I’m sure they’ll have something in your size.

thanks for the help everyone, might give the dhb ones a shot.

Try Le Nicks down at Black Rock too. They have a shitload of stuff on the sales racks outside… all sizes!

I’ve got some kids size stuff from there, kids knicks are weird though

This might not be helpful but I swear they had some at the 2xu outlet at south wharf dfo. Maybe give them a call. I got w pairs of tri shorts for 30 bucks

Tri shorts aren’t bib knicks… just sayin’.

They sell more than one product in the store… Just sayin’.