XTR hub mod

Hey all,

I’ve got a pair of XTR disc hubs with straight pull spokes laced to XTR rims. 2 questions:
1- has anyone had any experience converting QR to solid axle
2- experience with rebuilding from a 26" to 700c rim. is it possible with straight pull spokes?

Reason being is i may be building up a polo bike and i’ve got these collecting dust and they are disc ready hubs. im not even sure the width will match up tho and need to convert from a 9speed freewheel to a single speed.

Is this possible or am I diving in to the wrong rabbit hole



I don’t know much about this stuff, but:

1.) I don’t think so Tim.
2.) Definitely possible ATMO, but if you don’t know how to build wheels, get someone who does to do it.
3.) (SS conversion) should be easy. They should be 135mm wide. What’s the spacing of the proposed bike and what’s it made of?

1 maybe possible. It all depends on the current axle, an whether the cones and lock nuts will thread onto s solid axle. Find the exact hub model number and then search for the shimano tech docs to see what size axle it has.

But would an Allen key bolt up skewer be just effective and easier?

My xt hubs were QR then solid then back to QR.
However Xtr often used different sizes etc to the rest of shimanos range.

Also you can get hopes to good rims or other good prebuilt wheels 2nd hand and convert them cheaper and easier than converting these hubs, buying spokes, buying rims and paying to get them built.[QUOTE][/QUOTE]

Actually just saw your going to 700c not to 26". The above won’t be so easy or cheap in that case.

proposed frame is unknown at this stage - whether i go for a specific frame like a lightfoot or upgrade my current pake rum runner and use that frame. those are the most likely two options unless i change. but deffs a steel track/polo frame.

Would the allen key bolt up skewer be strong enough, esp. to walk the wheel? because if that is possible then yes because it would be easier.

Thanks for the help!

your last post just loaded. what is the difficulty in going 700c?

I think he means that there are good deals around on 26" Hope hubs to decent rims, but that snot the case for 700c.

oh ok. so the possibility of using my XTR’s to go 700c is viable?

Definitely viable, but maybe not all that easy. What’s the spacing on a disk polo bike? I’d guess 135mm.

Yeah unsure of the spacing. dont mind if its a pain, would be cool to have XTR hubs in use again!
So you think the allen key skewer is also a good way to go for a track frame?