XTR M9000, goes to 11.

The sideswing FD is neat, DA9000 ‘hand of god’ shifting feel?

First look: Shimano XTR M9000 – All New 1x, 2x and 3x 11-Speed Groups

watch the no di2 rants start coming out.

True to shimano, looks like it will work well.

I like it. Lots of Shimano ‘why no 10-42 cassette’ hate.

Remember the Di2 version is also about to be released, maybe another month or two?


Singletrack Magazine | New Shimano 2015 XTR revealed


Is cool. Crankset options look good.

Would have liked to see spiderless but that’s not really a Shimano thing.

Guessing this is yet another non-standard bolt pattern.

This is good:

“No, there are no 10t or 42t cogs, but one of the main benefits of the cassettes is that it fits on standard Shimano freehub bodies without any new parts. Where their 11-speed road groups required a slightly wider freehub body, Shimano was able to squeeze 11 mountain bike gears into the space of 10 without making the gears any narrower thanks to the larger low cogs. Unlike a road cassette, the big cogs can be dished around the spokes since they sit out farther, so the freehub body and the hub spacing remain the same.”

SRAM: So we’ve worked out that if you drop the granny ring and add an extra big cog at the back you can save weight, reduce chain crossover and generally simplify things - all while keeping basically the same gearing range.

Shimano: 30 is a much bigger number than 20. We had a 21 speed drivetrain back in the early 90s.

SRAM: So we worked out that if you add an extra cog on the back and make the little one smaller, you don’t need two chainrings up front. That eliminates chain cross over, the front derailleur, the front shifter and saves a bunch more weight - all while keeping basically the same gearing range.

Shimano: 33 is a MUCH bigger number than 11. Don’t you guys even know this evolution thing works???

First Look: All-New Shimano XTR M9000 – 1x, 2x and 3x 11-Speed MTB Groups

We did this already :eek:



That’s unreal.

Merged threads, just cos.

Yeah, although it’ll be interesting to see how close the 40t is to the spokes, they might sell a bunch more rear mechs, just have to have your limit screw a little out, a stick and…

Knowing how utterly conservative Shimano is, I very much doubt this will be an issue. If SRAM had produced this however…

doesn’t look to bad actually

So XC bikes will now have a bigger top cog than brake rotor.

One thing I find a little strange is the gearing- the very top gear will with a triple at 40T, and 11 tooth rear. That’s actually not that high when you think about it. No more xtr ‘touring’ focus, it’s very much world cup xc only.
And most people will opt for the double, and that tops out at 38T. Even XX1 goes higher than that at 38T-10T. So you are left with a very narrow range triple… weird.

Also I suppose the lower chainring sizes reflect the move to 29er, where proportionally the gear inches needed are smaller than 26 or 27.5.

The gear inches needed are the same - you just need lower/smaller gearing to achieve it.

44x11 -> 22x38 is narrow?!!

That’s my point, the triple is only available in 40-30-22T. Not 44T.