i lol’d
Straight Edge varsity jacket (XL) hardcore sxe punk - eBay (item 200549262197 end time Dec-06-10 11:53:33 PST)

wool? sometimes i forget that all sXe kids aren’t vegan…

Right now straight edge kids are probably posting pics of ‘fixie’ brand tees with fixies on them and having a good ol’ laff.


It’s not the fixie brand stuff, I saw fixie t-shirts in roger david and cotton on!

Kinda wanna know what you were actually searching for, to find this?

If only I was straight edge, I’d grab it at the ‘buy it now’ price…

Broke edge, gotta sell the jacket?!

quiet you…

Really, ‘true’ vegans can’t wear wool?

But petroleum based synthetic materials are kosher?

blink blink

Oh God, here it comes…

Sorry, the cognitive dissonance detector went off the scale, and I couldn’t stop myself from typing.

yes. it’s often an arbitrary line, and this is where it’s drawn.

Wooo, incidentally, I’m about to spend two hours in a car with a professional raw vegan chef. You know what I’ll be talking about… Animal based stearic acid in the tires of the car we’re driving, and listening to classical music played on instruments glued together with boiled animal hide. I can’t wait! /shit stirring. Carry on.

You always sound like you have an interesting life.

ask them for their brownie recipe for me!

I think the important bit of this sentence is ‘sound like’ … It’s all a facade.

ask them for their brownie recipe for me!

Will do!

how is wool not vegan? shearing sheep is healthy for them

edit: not being smartass, serious question

the line is on (sentient) animal products. if it is animal, or of animal origin, its out.

but as BB says the line is often personal, by-products like honey can be controversial and the rise of the ‘freegan’ movement complicates things further.

but this is not the time, nor the place.

ask any of the forum/non-forum vegans in person for a better, and more civilised, conversation experience.