Yarra Valley Loop Trail

From an article in The Age.

would ride.

Same. That link between Yarra Glen and Healesville would be rad. The only options now are heavily trafficked 80/100km/hr roads. Ditto the Healesville -> Warby Trail link (tho Don Rd is pretty cool atm).

This would be awesome for MGG rides - there’s some great dirt roads around those parts but they’re hard to link together without using large chunks of 80/100km/hr roads. These trails would really open up the area for MGG rides!

I noticed Buttermans Track and Hildebrand Rd are getting paved recently which sucks for MGG - hopefully new trails like this will help make up for the loss of our beloved gravel!

Yeah would definitely use this to ride and visit breweries.

Where did you hear that Angry?! That’s certainly a couple of loses to be mourned

Angry and I rode those roads a few weeks ago. Both sealed already :frowning:

Dang. I am pretty sure I mapped one of those into the upcoming MGG ride.

Might have to reroute a little.


Yeah they’re sealed eh. Hildebrand is still an ace road though

Chances are one would encounter an angry badger along ones of those creeks :stuck_out_tongue:

Great looking loop, 210.000 visitors a year seems like a lot, but I guess ‘visitor’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘rider’. And taht Tarrawarra art museum sounds like a cool thing.