Ye Olde Bike Stuffe

As implausible as it seems, there is a really good thread going on at BikeForums despite it being the SS/FG forum.

Check out the pics from yesteryear.

Yeha it’s a ripper that one. So many great shots.

By christ that forum is awful though.

This is the best one.
He’s all like “what are you looking at”
And your like “You want to start something? Punk!?”
And he’s like “I started 5 minutes ago bitch. The only question is are you going to bring it”
Minutes later your in a high speed race through the cobble stones streets knocking over milkmaids and bakers with crates of bread hoisted on one shoulder.
And after he beats you he’ll be down at the local fishing hole one sweet nothing away from getting your girl to show him her ankles.

It’s a 1940s Damoh

Haha, awesome.

Haha, awesome.

Yeah. Ankles rule.

How come we don’t still call bikes velocipedes?

‘How did you get to work today…car, bus, train? Yer cool, I rode my velocipede :mrgreen:’


Ben’s been doing a lot of archive research for his job and finding some pretty sweet stuff. Like the old Hobart bike club called The League Of Hobart Wheelmen. They don’t name 'em like they used to!