yen/aussie dollar

Hello everyone!

I am travelling to Japan in July and would like to ask if anyone knows what the extended forecast is for the yen/AUD exchange? I understand that the AUD is falling against the US dollar, but it seems so far not to have moved much against the yen. I know fuck all about this stuff - does anyone perhaps have some more experience to tell me if I should exchange money now or not worry about it.

This belongs in the FoA Financial Services Pty Ltd sub-forum where the advice is always sell shit to buy more shit.

I don’t know anything about dollars and yens. But Japan is the most awesome place on earth. So money aside, you’re gonna have a great time!

Arigato Gozaimasu!

Go visit my dad. He is excellent at advising on these matters.

ok maybe i’ll get a curry from him too!

nick: yes, I am very excited!

i don’t know why i do this to myself haha

Grab a travel money card and load it with half of what you are going to take, and then load the rest before you leave.

partial hedge.

or just yolo.

And hire a wifi/3G modem. It’ll mean you can use your phone/tablet and have internet everywhere. Ours cost about $100 for two weeks with unlimited data. We would’ve had a lot more trouble navigating without Google maps wherever we went.

Just start saving now… because baby octopus with a quail egg stuffed in it’s head is about 150 yen.

All you can drink karaoke featuring Metallica is about $15-$20 an hour… yes, all you can drink. (カラオケ館公式サイト)

And don’t forget Tokyu Hands for rad hats.

Pretty much what Ezy and Snowflake said.

Japan is great, it looks like the dollar is rising against the yen a bit, so it shouldn’t be that bad. Hopefully.

I’m going in April, so hopefully I get a decent rate before I leave.

Best rates I’ve got were from KVB on Collins. Though they have a tendency to sell out of yen if the rates are really good. If you can change AUD for more than ¥90, you’ll be in for a cheap time.

There’s also apps you can download (usually for free) and you can download maps for the cities your staying in, so you’re not using data. Our hotel had crazy good wifi, so I just downloaded the maps I needed before we left the room.

Re. WiFi, Tokyo now offer free WiFi to tourist.

If you’re travelling to other cities, for a prolonged time, then pocket wifi services are totally worth it. So easy to arrange, as they send the dongle thing to your hotel, ready for use when you arrive.


@HMC, the degree to which a future change in the yen/aud exchange rate is known/expected will already be factored into the current rate. Basically, if you know someone who knows more than the market does then follow their advice (with caution!), otherwise hedge your bets blakey style or just ride it out #zen #fixie style and not worry if the exchange rate was better a few months ago.

This is all amazing advice, thank you everyone! I will save some money over the next few weeks and get some within a month or so.

My next question is does anyone have advice for travelling in Japan with a coeliac. I hear it is trickier than one might think.

Awesome. Thanks for the heads up.


Wifi wasn’t common enough to rely on when we were there, outside of hotels.

What would you need wifi for? There are plenty of maps out there that provide good offline maps if that is your main concern?

I have used these in JPN and USA and they are super helpful.

Instagram duh.