Yo: Site Gods >>>> The 4 pic maximum is a real drag

Wondering if it can be revised? Emoticons count as images too.

Btw, is there a different set of emoticons? These ones are barely legible and must be some anglo-saxon version because us wogs need way more emoticons. :confused:


Not so fussed about the emoticons, but a four image post is limiting, especially trying to make old posts read as intended. (I did post this query in the announcements thread, but didn’t get a response…)

Don’t fret. You’re not being ignored.

Mods and admins are just very busy coming to grips with the new forum software and learning how to make everything run the way we want it to.

coolio !!!

Yeah I also find this puzzling, I’ve searched alot but I can’t quite seem to find the emoticon for “furiously waving hands whilst describing almost anything”


I also want the emoticon for “wave your hand away, there’s nothing to discuss here:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve fixed it, and made the max 10 images.

As for emoticons, well, I guess I could waste 20 or 30 minutes of my life trying to find better ones, or I could just suggest the use of words as a means of expression instead.


(If this is really a big issue for people, you are more than welcome to find a nicer emoticon icon pack, and provide detailed instructions for installation on vBulletin 4.0, which I will then follow)

I like 'em … they sometimes help to read between the lines and avoid confusion or misunderstanding which happens on the interwebs. Sometimes, the opposite too. But, if you’re going to have them then at least they should be legible and easy to see/read.

(shakes head, shrugs shoulders, goes outside to pat dog)

Does putting words in brackets count as a written/typed emoticon? (Big yellow smiley face winking)

to me it does… but im old

Thanx Admin!